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Your Turn-Off Checklist

When you prepare to be away, go through the house and think about the following:

  • If it uses water, turn off the supply. This includes valves located in cabinets below sinks that supply hot and cold water to faucets, the water supply to each toilet, the water supply to an automatic icemaker, and so on.
  • If it uses electricity, unplug it. This includes all electronics and appliances such as a VCR, DVD, stereo, television, window air conditioner, washer, dryer, and so on. Resetting clocks is easier than replacement or a possible malfunction that results in a fire.
  • If it uses energy, turn it down, turn it up, or turn it off. Think of the furnace or air conditioner or electric water heater.
  • If it burns fuel, remove the ignition source, such as the water heater, a gas dryer, furnace, gas cooktop or range, or automatic ignition fireplace.