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Closing the Deal

Final Closing Statement

From an accounting standpoint, the most important piece of paper is the final closing statement that you get on the day that your property actually closes.

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Possession Options

When you actually take possession of your home and move into it depends on the terms of your contract. There are a number of options, and this section covers the potential risks associated with each one.

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Final Verification of Condition

We urge you to inspect the property the day of, or a few days before, closing, ideally the day of closing. You should be sure that the property is still in the same general condition that it was in when you signed the contract to buy it.

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Joint Tenancy

One of your most important decisions is how you take title in the property. If you're single, your choices are simpler. When two or more people co-own a property, however, the number of ways to take title multiplies dramatically.

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Buyer's Remorse

Buyer's remorse is the sinking feeling that you paid way, way too much for your new home. Buyer's remorse is compounded by many other anxieties. This section covers them and some methods for getting over your concerns.

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