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Walls and Ceilings

Drywall Cracks

Chances are the walls and ceilings of your home are made of drywall (also referred to as wallboard, gypsum board, or Sheetrock). Drywall is both easy to damage and easy to repair.

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Putting the Stop on Nail Pops

Nail pops are those nail head bumps or crescent-shaped cracks in the wall or ceiling. They occur when nails work themselves loose, literally popping out above the surface of the drywall. Unfortunately, they happen for as long as you own your home. If you get one, you need to fix it.

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Filling Holes

Joint compound alone is not enough to fill anything larger than a quarter. You've got to put something into the hole or onto it and then use compound to make it smooth and invisible.

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If your plaster walls are in good condition, you can fix cracks and holes using patching plaster. But if you've got walls or ceilings that are sagging and have big holes, you've got a big job ahead of you.

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Interior Painting

Whether it's a drywall repair, a conglomeration of silly-looking crayon marks, or a tattered surface, there isn't anything that will freshen things up like a new coat of paint.

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Maintaining Walls and Ceilings

You can wipe away fingerprints, crayon, pen marks, dirt, and dust from walls, trim, and doors with spray cleaner and a damp cloth. If your house is older, you need something that cuts through the accumulated dirt: a synthetic TSP solution.

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Making Paneling Look Like New

There are three kinds of paneling: solid wood planks, plywood sheets, and faux-finished hardboard. If you've got solid wood or plywood on the wall, furniture polish won't do the job -- you need something stronger.

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Time is not kind to wallpaper: The edges peel up, the adhesive gets tired, bubbles develop, and the wear and tear of normal life starts to take a visible toll. But that doesn't mean you have to rip it down. If it's still looking good, you can fix these problems.

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