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Final Verification of Condition

Read the "Final Verification of Condition" clause in your purchase contract. If your state's contract doesn't have this type of clause in it, instruct your agent or lawyer to write such a clause into your contract.

We urge you to inspect the property a few days (ideally the day) before closing. Why? To be sure that the property is still in the same general condition that it was in when you signed the contract to buy it. What if the sellers knocked a big hole in the kitchen wall during a wild party? What if they forgot to water the lawn and it turned into a rock garden? What if a sinkhole appeared smack-dab in the middle of the driveway? The "what ifs" are endless.

You'll probably find that everything is fine. But if it isn't, you can discuss your options with your agent and/or attorney. Such an action always gets the seller's attention. If you and the seller can't work out a mutually satisfactory solution, you may have to kill the deal. Killing the deal is better than buying a problem.