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Landscape Irrigation

Your Sprinklers

Your landscape irrigation system may include several types of sprinklers depending on the layout of your yard and types of plants that need watering. Small lawns use sprinkler heads commonly called spray heads, while larger lawns typically use impact or rotary sprinkler heads.

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The riser is a vertical pipe that connects the underground water supply line to the sprinkler head, or in the case of a popup, to the canister. Risers are made of metal, plastic (PVC), or polyethylene, with plastic and polyethylene being the most common.

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Connecting the Pipes

A properly installed sprinkler line should last years without developing a leak. But human activity and earth movement can cause joints to fail and pipes to be cut or punctured. The first indication of a leak is low pressure somewhere in the irrigation system.

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Anti-Siphon Valve

An anti-siphon valve is a control devise that prevents contaminated water from flowing backwards from the irrigation system into the household water supply. In most homes the landscape irrigation system and the potable water system are one and the same, and that's where the potential danger lies.

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Winterizing Systems

But even if it only freezes in the morning, you need to protect your irrigation system to some degree. Winterizing your irrigation system consists of the following steps.

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