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Gas and Electricity

The most important thing to remember about appliances is from whence they cometh. Appliances are powered by either gas or electricity. In every case, you must respect and care for the basic energy source. Misuse of the energy source can waste needless energy dollars and even cause bodily harm.

Natural gas has no odor. A heavy smell is added to the gas for only one purpose: to make it easy to detect even the smallest of gas leaks. If you smell gas, move quickly: Open all the doors and windows and leave immediately. If the range shut-off valve isn't within easy reach, turn off the main shut-off valve at your gas meter. Don't use the phone or flip a light switch. Even the tiniest spark can ignite a massive explosion. From a neighbor's home, call the gas company and the fire department.

With electricity, your major danger is electrical shocks and destructive corrosion caused by carelessness, excessive wear in protective insulating materials, and water or moisture.