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The Problems of Rust

Barbecues, patio furniture, hand rails, lawn and garden equipment, steel window frames, rain gutters, and downspouts are just a few of the many metal finishes around the home that are susceptible to damage by rust. Even though this section refers to exterior maintenance, the problems and solutions apply to interior ornamental iron as well.

Aside from its ugly appearance, left untreated, rust can bring any of these finishes to an early demise and lead to other damage. For example, a rain gutter with a rusted joint can leak and allow water to travel along the wood trim at the roof line, or, perhaps down the wood siding, ultimately resulting in rot which might cost hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to repair.

Another example is a rusted window frame. Water could enter through the window frame and leak down into the wall framing until the wall must literally be removed and replaced with new framing, siding, and plaster or wallboard. That ain't cheap.

Rust also presents a safety issue. A rusted-out screw in a hand-rail or the rust-ravaged leg of a garden chair could send an unsuspecting guest flying to a nasty fall. Rusty outdoor power equipment leaves the operator particularly vulnerable because a rusted bolt could act as a projectile. Remember Superman and that speeding bullet? That could be you if you let rust have the upper hand.