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Your Roof and Siding

Your Roof

We like to think of the roof as the fifth wall of the home that should be maintained with the same regularity as the walls that support it. With proper care and maintenance, a roof can last without leaking a drop or suffering any significant damage.

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The Impact of Ice

Ice buildup can force water into your attic, damage rain gutters, and cause costly repairs. By preventing this, you might be able to save your house from being flooded during a freeze and add a little life to your gutters, as well.

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Finding a Leak

The first step in repairing a leak is finding its point of origin. The difficulty of this task depends on the type of roof. You'll still need to hire a contractor to repair the leak, but finding it yourself saves time and money.

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Minding Your Gutter

Gutters and downspouts filled with debris can back up, causing roof leaks, rot at the overhang, and structural damage. Once a year, you need to get up on the ladder and give those gutters and downspouts a good cleaning as well as patch up any leaks.

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Understanding Siding

No surface is perfect; no material perfectly withstands the rigors of nature and the force of the elements. But you can do a thing or two to add life and beauty to your home's siding. This section covers wood, stucco, metal, vinyl and brick siding.

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