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Change Your Address

Although you may want those to whom you owe money to think that you've fallen off the face of the earth, you don't want to rack up late payment fees, interest charges, and damage to your credit report. And, more important to you, don't forget to include family and friends in your campaign to spread the word. And you don't want to lose track of any of your investment accounts, either. States throughout our great land have taken over billions of dollars in such lost accounts.

Don't delay informing all parties you know of your change of address! Visit or call your local post office and request a Mover's Guide, which includes a permanent Change of Address Order Card (or, on the Internet, go to the MoversNet site at http://www.usps.gov/moversnet). The Postal Service recommends that you complete and mail your Change of Address Order Card or Internet form 30 days before you move, to ensure timely forwarding of mail after the date of the move.