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Plumbing Fixtures

Easy Surface Maintenance of Fixtures

A home dweller eventually becomes intimately familiar with the various plumbing fixtures in a home -- the sinks, tubs, toilets, and shower pans. It's no fun when these fixtures become tattered and worn out looking, and in many situations, cleaning is all it takes to make a worn-out fixture look brand new.

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Cleaning Your Faucet

When a faucet becomes dull-looking, it usually isn't worn out -- it's just dirty. The bad thing is that dirt that has built up for a long period of time can be difficult to remove. The good thing is that it can be removed without damaging the faucet if you know a few tricks.

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What follows is an overview of the more familiar maintenance issues of your toilet, including dealing with leaks, clearing plugs, preventing a sweaty tank and keeping your toilet clean.

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Maintaining Tubs and Showers

Most of us make at least one trip a day to the tub or shower, making them important fixtures to keep clean. Our tub and shower tips show you how to easily maintain these fixtures and keep them mildew-free.

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