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Trash Compactors

Only compact dry trash -- not banana or potato peels or anything else that contains moisture. If you do, the compactor squishes out juices that ride up on top of the wiper (the rubber flap that surrounds the ram) and get into the inner workings of the ram, which you can't get to for cleaning. The result: nasty odors and insects.

Always keep interior surfaces clean and use a specially made trash compactor deodorant spray to discourage ants, roaches, and other insects that are hard to eliminate once they set up shop.

Aside from keeping the contents of the trash compactor dry, the other single most important step in keeping it clean is using an approved compactor bag that is designed to fit your model. Compactor bags are made of paper or plastic and line the entire trash bin. The liner should be folded back over the collar of the bin and held securely in place by retaining clips. This will prevent the ram (the trash smasher) from dislocating the bag when on its way up.

Most trash compactors have a heavy plastic saddle between the trash bin and the compactor bag. This saddle has two handles that are used to pull a full bag of compacted garbage out of the bin without the weight of the contents ripping through the bottom of the bag. Over time and with frequent use, the saddle can become torn and should be replaced with a new one.

The saddle should periodically be taken outside and cleaned with our All-Purpose Cleaner and hosed off with fresh water. Vacuum the inside of the trash bin to remove any debris that may have made its way through a tear in the bag. Also, wipe down the inside of the bin with detergent and hot water or our All-Purpose Cleaner.