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Making an Offer

Basic Rules of Negotiating

If you follow these basic negotiating guidelines, your deal will practically take care of itself. This explains why to conduct all negotiations face-to-face, why you must everything in writing, and why to make sure that deadlines are met.

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Making an Offer to Purchase

After you find your dream home, you're ready to make an offer to purchase. All good offers have a few traits in common, most importantly a realistic price and realistic financing terms.

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Getting a Counter Offer

It's highly unlikely that the sellers will accept your offer as it's originally written. Sellers use counter offers to fine-tune the price, terms, and conditions of offers they receive.

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Negotiating Credits

Especially in a buyer's market, sellers often find that they have to give concessions in order to close the deal. The two most common concessions are for nonrecurring closing costs and corrective work.

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Major Corrective Work

Give the sellers copies of the reports for them to review before you meet with them to negotiate a corrective work credit. Though sellers may refuse to pay for repairs found by your inspector, you can solve repair issues in a variety of ways.

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