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Marketing Your Home

Pricing Methods

You can ask any price you want for your house. But your house won't sell until you find a buyer who agrees that it's worth the price you're willing to accept. This covers the wrong and the right way to go about pricing a house.

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Using Pricing Incentives

When sellers far outnumber buyers, you'll probably have to offer buyers additional enticements to make a deal. The key is to use incentives that help put a sale together rather than fancy gimmicks that besmirch your property.

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Overpricing Issues

If nothing is physically wrong with their property, when most houses won't sell the predicament is usually due to overpricing camouflaged by denial. Here are three factors all buyers consider that should put things into perspective.

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Advertising That Works

The key to selling your house for top dollar is to implement an ad campaign to generate spirited buyer competition for your property. The following sections describe the most effective types of advertising.

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Open Houses

One extremely effective way to get the word out about your house is to schedule a brokers' open -- a special open house exclusively for local real estate agents. Public open houses and some tips on how to handle them are also covered in this section.

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Showing Your House

If you list your house with a real estate agent, they will handle the actual buyer and broker showings for you. Your job is simple -- make sure that the property is staged to show well and make yourself scarce while the property is being shown.

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Appraiser's Inspection

If the buyer's loan isn't approved because the appraiser thinks that your property isn't worth the amount the buyer is willing to pay for it, your deal falls through. Here are two steps to prevent an appraiser from undervaluing your house.

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