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Estimated Closing Statement

During your initial contact with the closing officer, request an estimated closing statement based strictly on your known closing costs at that time and assuming the deal closes as scheduled. This statement obviously won't be precise. Factors such as whether you'll have to give the buyers a credit for repairs and if so, how much, have yet to be determined. No matter. At least you'll get an approximation of your expenses of sale and have a rough idea about the amount of money you may need to spend on your next home.

Get the estimated closing statement updated a week before scheduled closing. At this point, very few questions should remain. Check your second estimated closing statement extremely carefully, line by line from top to bottom, to be absolutely certain that it accurately reflects your credits and debits.

Closing officers are human. They sometimes make mistakes. So do other parties in the transaction who may inadvertently give the closing officer incorrect information. And when mistakes are found, whose favor do you think they are in? Probably not yours! Your money is on the table. Pay attention to details. Review the closing statement and question any portion that isn't clear or correct.